Dog Reviews is a review business that evaluates different things related to dogs. We look at the best types of breeds, best guard dogs, best and worst dog food, best toys, etc. We want to make sure that owners and breeders use only the best dog products and feed them the best food.


Dog Reviews consists of 20 full-time reviewers and approximately 10 part-time reviewers. In order to do a proper review and get fair results, we need more than 5 people to test it, gather information, and rate it. Each product or service that we review has different aspects that are evaluated.


Dog Reviews is a trusted and respected review site that has been around for 7 years. As new products are developed and new businesses are established, we add them to our reviews and update the existing ones. Our process is effective and fair.


Welcome to Dog Reviews

Here you will find all the information and ratings you want to buy only the best goods and services for your furry family member. Dog Reviews uses a tried and tested method of evaluation and rating for different products and services to offer a guide to make good decisions. We review both online and other businesses.

Our process:

1. Find new products and businesses

Our team is always monitoring products and services related to dogs and pets. They make sure that we review all the products and services old and new.

2. Use, test, gather information and get customer feedback

Our testers use and test the products. They observe how dogs respond to toys and food and they gather information from owners about their experiences with the goods or service. They gather information about the products including manufacturing methods, ingredients, etc.

3. Give a rating for different aspects

Each product or service has specific aspects that need to be rated. For example, a toy will be rated for appearance, dog appeal, dog-friendliness, dog satisfaction, and owner feedback. Each reviewer gives independent ratings for every area.

4. Compile the information and ratings and get a score

Once all the reviewers are done, we compile the scores and get an average for each service and product. Based on these scores, the products and services are ranked and we add an article about this on our website.

New products and services constantly pop up and we review certain ones regularly. A dog food review will never be valid for longer than a few months before a new and improved version comes along. We try to keep our reviews as fresh and recent as possible.