Top Guard Dog Breeds to Help Protect Your Family and Home

Guard dogs are some of the most loving animals you will ever know. They will protect their humans no matter what. Most guard dog breeds are bigger dogs that are highly intelligent. However, even though they may not make this list, don’t forget the smaller dog breeds that usually stay in the house. They can be great alarms when something suspicious is going on outside or inside the house.

The most popular guard dog breeds include:


Many people misunderstand Rottweilers who actually have a beautiful and playful temperament. They were originally trained to protect cattle and guard them no matter what. They have a stocky build and are very strong. They are loyal and intelligent and will love their humans unconditionally. They will not take kindly to strangers and all new people should be properly introduced to them. Training and socializing is very important for Rottweilers and they need a lot of opportunity for exercise.


The bullmastiff is an intelligent, loyal, and very strong dog breed. They are courageous and will protect their families as far as they can. They have good temperaments and are good family dogs. They should be given training and also allowed to get a lot of exercise. Socialization is important in knowing when to protect and when not.

Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer may not look like the strong, muscular, or royal breeds on this list, but they are very good guard dogs. They crave company and will love their humans and protect them with their lives. They are excellent family dogs and love playing. As with the other guard dog breeds, they need training and socialization to ensure the proper behavior towards other people and dogs. They have strong personalities and are very energetic.

Doberman Pincher

The Doberman Pincher is a very muscular and intelligent dog. Because of their appearance, they often remind us of the Egyptians and royalty. They are great companions and are often used in military or police work. Pinchers need a lot of exercise as they are very energetic. They are very sensitive and can pick up on emotions. They are not keen on strangers and might be very aggressive if not trained and socialized properly. Their appearance tends to scare people off and this makes them even better guard dogs.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are well-known for their work with police and the military. They are originally working dogs that were trained to herd sheep, hence their name. German Shepherds are very intelligent and are one of the dog breeds that are the easiest to train. They can be taught almost anything. They are good family pets that will remain loyal and be very protective of their humans. They are the perfect blend of guard dog and family pet and is always a good option for your family protection.

Other breeds to consider include Boxers, Great Danes, Argentine Dogos, and certain Bulldogs. It is clear from the above descriptions that most guard dogs have the dual capability of being protective and fierce when strangers or danger are near and being playful and loving with their families.

Common Mistakes that First-Time Dog Owners Make

First-time dog owners may be a bit overwhelmed as to what they should do. Having a dog as a pet is similar to having a child. They need constant care and attention. You are their protector and you are responsible for keeping them alive and happy and healthy. Many first-time dog owners make mistakes. This is normal, but we are going to help you avoid these in future. Below are the mistakes that every new dog owner needs to avoid.

They are not involved and hands-on

Dogs need a lot handling throughout their lives. You need to take them to the vet, clip their nails, feed them, give them medication, brush their teeth, groom them, and brush their coats. Your dog needs to be made used to people touching him to make sure that he will not give a vet a problem or bite you when you try to help him. The earlier you start teaching him to allow you to touch his ears, brush his teeth, etc. the easier he will learn that it is ok.

They don’t measure the amount of food they give their dogs

Every dog doesn’t have the same food and nutrition needs. You should do research and check with your vet what the right type of food and amount per day is. You want your dog to get all the necessary nutrition without growing too fast or gaining weight.

They don’t use food puzzles to feed their dogs

Food puzzles or food dispensers stimulates your dog mentally and physically. They need to hunt for their food or figure out the mechanism that will give them food. This also keeps them busy while you are not home and keeps them out of trouble.

They don’t do proper house-training

Behavior problems like messing in the house are one of the main reasons why people give their dogs to shelters. This is really sad because if you trained the dog from the beginning you wouldn’t have the problem. You need to train the puppy by setting a schedule and rewarding good behavior. You need to be consistent and make the effort to let him out every few hours. You need to go with him and praise him.

Avoid these mistakes and you will have a happier dog and a happier you. Ask your vet for advice when in doubt.

The Top 3 Most Popular Dogs in the World


The world is full of many different dog breeds and mixes. If you are a dog lover, you probably don’t care what breed they are as long as they have four paws and loves seeing you. However, there are people who take breeds seriously and we have decided to compile a list of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These dogs are the ones you see when you hear the word ‘dog’. Most people have heard of them or own or have owned one at some point.

1.Labrador Retrievers. No surprise here as the Labradors take the number 1 spot. They are great family dogs and get along well with kids and other dogs. They are just big furry bounds of friendliness. This makes them the most popular in the world. They are not the best guard dogs because of their friendly nature, but they make wonderful companions. They are working dogs and will be in the water often. They are also widely trained as   helpers for the disabled and as therapy dogs.

2.Bulldogs. Bulldogs have a very distinctive appearance and most people have seen one. They tend to be lazy      and very friendly. They are not the best guard dogs and haven’t been good working dogs since their vicious ancestors. They are good family dogs and people love having them as part of the family.


3.German Shepherds. German Shepherds are very popular working dogs because they are so highly trainable. They can be trained to do anything and you will often see them as police dogs, military dogs, contraband sniffing dogs, disabled guides, and herding dogs. They are versatile and very loyal. They are very good guard dogs and will protect their home and family with all their might. Intruders will have a tough time getting past them. German Shepherds owe their popularity to their intelligence, loyalty, and trainability.

These are the top 3 dog breeds in the world. People who are looking for a companion or dog for their kids can choose any of the three and they will be happy. If you are looking for a guard dog, however, the German Shepherd is your best option. The Labrador and Bulldog may lick intruders away, but that’s about it.