Client Reviews

We review products and services for our clients and they review us. We are proud to state that we have had a 98% success and satisfaction rate. All our clients love our reviews and use them regularly to guide their buying decisions and make sure their dogs get the best value of everything. We would like to share a few of our client reviews.

‘Dog Reviews helped me choose the best food for my Lulu. She was getting sick and refusing to eat anything. I tried the two top food names that Dog Reviews rated and she loved the second one. She is now happier and healthier than ever before.’Mrs. Donna Ellis

‘I was fed with up all the veterinary bills piling up and my dog was just not getting better. I approached Dog Reviews as a last resort and they gave me the top-rated vets in the Chicago area. I contacted three of them to find out if they could help me. I went to the top-rated vet and they solved my dog’s health problems with the first visit. They gave us new medication and directions and now he is fit as a fiddle and running around.’ – John Baker

‘I love Dog Reviews! Whenever I want to buy my dogs a new toy or bed, I visit Dog Reviews first to see what is new and looks like fun. My dogs have never been disappointed with my choice in toys or beds. I guess Dog Reviews is to thank for that.’ – Shelley Underberg

‘Fantastic reviews and fantastic service when contacted. I will definitely use Dog Reviews more in future.’Peter James

We love our clients and we are happy when our reviews guide them to make good choices about the products and services they buy for they furry family members.